sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2013

Blood Bowl Troll ready

At last. After yesterday's SAGA tournament, I started painting this "beauty". With it, I tried a couple of new things.

Firstly, I tried to add violet to the deepest shadows to contrast the pure white highlight, and otherwise cold blue. His tongue, nipples and balls got violet - tan - yellow color to give more warmth to the picture. So saturation/warmth changes, works, but needs more practise.
The other new thing was to use weathering powders to NMM bracelet, seems to work as well as with normal metals.

I'm starting to plan the next sculpting project, this has been really rewarding, while sculpting, you can all the time plan for the painting, and sculpt accordingly, so once you start brushing, the miniature is perfect for you!

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