torstai 20. helmikuuta 2014

tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014

Ebob skeletons and armatures

I got an packet from ebob I ordered a month ago. I kinda had forgotten all about this, so it was a nice suprise.
I got 5 armature puppets, 15 skeletons and couple of sculpting tools.

sunnuntai 16. helmikuuta 2014

Cauldron of Blood guards

 The cauldron is now complete with its two lovely attendants.
They gave me a nice canvas to try out colours for witch elves.
I also tried out NMM gold with varying success.

lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

Malifaux unboxing

I have been interested in Malifaux for a long time, mainly because of the models which look gorgeous and oozing with personality and perverted ideas.
So finally, I went and bought Guild's judgement starter box, small rules manual and fate deck. All in all, to get started with the game takes less than 70 euros! That is really nothing today, even less so when you look at what you get with that money.

perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014

Cauldron of Blood

I haven't had any inspiration to paint recently, I've been mostly just coloring the minis while watching netflix.
 I however started thinking of painting the railing of my cauldron of blood in NMM style, so I took it up and ended up painting the whole thing!?