torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016

Reinforcements to Chaos

With the publishing of "Traitor's Hate" -supplement for Chaos Space Marines it became painfully clear that GW hates me. No new toys, no new relics, copied Loyalist psychic powers and few lousy formations.
So, to field something new, I need to turn to Forgeworld and Chaos Rapier battery!

lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2016

Unboxing graveyard accessories from Ogri Doupe (and finished herald)

I had a chance to visit a miniature store during my trip to Prague this summer.
Apart the usual GW stuff, they had something special to sell.
So, I was at the register of Ogří Doupě, paying for two boxes of chaos hounds. I rolled 20 for perception and noticed these MDF sheets by the counter and asked what they were.
Apparently the owner makes terrain himself and sells it at the store.
There were caskets, tombstones and fences (if I remember correctly), and I immediately purchased two of both caskets and tombstones.
(They have some more available for mailorder too)
 The quality is superb, everything fits exactly, and engravings are really exact. So exact in fact, that they probably need a bit care when painting so not to fill them.
There are no instructions which meant for example that this sarcophagus took an hour to build. I actually did not mind as I was in no hurry, and took it more as a puzzle.
The other, even harder puzzle was this. These were left over after all else was assembled. I had zero idea of what to make of them.
Finally, after several construction attempts I got it :)
Coffins. They could be used without painting in a pinch. Cultist for scale.
So, to sum up, these will get ***** out of 5 chaos stars. they were cheap, and quality left nothing to be desired. So stop what you are doing, surf to Ogří Doupě, and order some!
 Herald got ready too. In the end I got bored and took some shortcuts, it is playable though. The bird claws don't really show, but they are there.
Chest tattoo is from chaos decal set.
I really need to take some time at some point and focus on OSL effect. It is probably not hard, but requires some thought to get it to work. It doesn't do that now.
(My 40k opponents can probably spy at the background some upcoming reinforcements to Legio Penetratus' force)
I replaced the usual disk of Tzeentch with a slimy medusalike creature.