tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014

Spartan Scenics buildings pt. 2

 I built and painted 2 of the buildings.
It took a bit longer, as I wanted to figure out a efficient painting scheme as there are maaany more to do.

torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

Demonic allies and chaos cultists

 I had so much to paint for my 40k army that I needed to start painting faster.
In the end I managed to uncharacteristically get stuff ready (well nearly) in good time.
Note, that everything shines, I have not used antishine yet because of the humidity in the air here, it has ruined my sentry gun (few posts back).

perjantai 1. elokuuta 2014

Spartan scenics scifi buildings unboxing

I got 2 sets of spartan scenics boxes from battlefield berlin today (gret store btw.).
First thing I noticed was the size. They each weight around 10-15kg, which was a small issue, as I was picking them up with a bicycle :). After my wife drove with car, and got them, I started to go through what I had gotten.