maanantai 28. lokakuuta 2013

Eurobowl 2013 in Vienna

Finnish team taking on Holland
So, eurobowl is now over. My initial target to win one game turned out to be three wins and three losses, so I'm really happy (and amazed) ..and hung over..

Team Finland ended up second to last (edit: one place higher), but everyone was having a great time, which was the important thing.

The event was held at the same premises than our hotel, in a large shopping mall, so everything was close by and easy to access. Opponents were nice, beer plentiful, and the overall atmosphere was relaxed.
We arrived two days early, so we had lots of time to take in all the sights of Vienna, and start the liquid intake, that is so important in long tournaments :P

There was a stand from Gaspez Arts where they sold their bloodbowl lines. I have not heard of the company previously, and only thing I can say is that I'm in awe. The sculpts are good, and poses are dynamic. I will definately buy more from them.

Finnish captain taking well deserved rest
Miniature shop in vienna selling bits

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