torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

Automated Sentry System (ASS)

Couple of days back I was in a toilet and started looking the cotton buds on a plastic stick one uses to clean one's ears or other small orfices. I started picturing them as a barrels of a gatling cannon, and had to follow up on that by trying to make one.

 I glued them together, and used a lego brick to make the body of the gun. Rest of the parts are metal wire, plasticard and few leftover pieces from easy eight sherman kit.
 Antishine spray went really bad on this one, probably because of moisture, in the magazine part the paint has flaked a lot. Luckily, with some rust, it works as a weathering ;)
I need to conjure up a base for the gun from somewhere. Maybe a nice bottle cap or something..

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