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Frostgrave Soldiers unboxing / review

So, in a heat of moment, I purchased some Frostgrave miniatures, when my mate Teemu wanted someone for combined mailorder. I have the rulebook on its way, and the previews looked cool so what could go wrong?
 ..and boy was I right.. About coolness that is. There is 4 identical sprues with 5 bodies in each. Each sprue contains different weapon options and several heads to make 20 personal soldiers.
The miniatures are dressed in cold weather clothes, and have a mercenary/rogue look on them. The weapon design is not excessive and everything looks like half fantasy, half middle ages. All looks Game of Thronsiey to my eye (and thats a good thing).

Accessories like ropes, backbags, pouches etc. are not slotted in figures, which means two things. Firstly, you can put them anywhere, and secondly, you have to fill in some gaps when you do so. I personally like all webbing, accessories like this, as it gives me control instead of using predefined slots for predefined gear.
 For my shame, I have not yet looked who has sculpted these, but he has done a excellent job. All possible combinations are packed with personality, and once assembled, each tells a story. I have seen a lot of miniatures in the market that are bland and lack a unique touch, mostly in gamesystems that use a lot of minis at once, but not these.
They would be perfect for skirmish games or RPG usage.
 As seen, the sculpting is done with painting in mind. There are clearly defined areas separated by nice crevices to give a easy canvas to paint your tabletop heroes (or hechmen in this case).
And just look at them, don´t they look like a unlucky bunch of mercenaries in the cold of a winter? How could you not to love them :)
I did minor modding for this batch, the largest was bowstring and arrow for this guy.
I have to give credit for one of the best tips ever to making arrows and spears to Mikko from smallcuts, the link will not take you to the guide, but they are made from outdoor broom plastic bristles.
I also ordered three boxes of Frostgrave Wizards with their accompanying apprentices. They are good quality. I didn´t intend to dwell deeper here, but if someone wants, I can present them closer. I have Necromancer, Illusionist and Witch.
I will get to painting the Frostgrave soldiers (I can hardly wait), after I paint a score of spartans to my Hail Caesar army for our club´s HC campaign.
These are 2 very first soldiers I painted for testing, and I think I´ll go along with this paint style.

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