sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2016

Preparing for 40k campaign

After a long break, my interest got sparked again when Antti kicked off a fluffy, relaxed 40k campaign in my club.
This is ideal for me as I have stuff allready, so less painting, and there are no obligations or competitive games.
 Loyal to my style, I started painting something that has absolutely no effect on the games. I made a base to my chaos spawn (probably).
The technique is the same as allways, but with some new elements.
First was really long stalked lichen I found 3 years back at Sarek national park. It has been soaked in glycerin, so it retains it's flexibility.
 The second are the leaves. I bought a leaf punching device from Greenstuffworld. I then painted a regular paper with random autumn colours and punched the hell out of it. The result is good, and I will get the other version of this in future. So five chaos stars *****!
 Third new thing was a texture roller, also from greenstuffworld. There are several, but I got the "evil rune" -version.
It is also great, and saves time it you have to texture something. I have to take a look at the other versions, and probably get couple more.
Four stars ****!

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