perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2016

Spectator, the little brother of a beholder.

 So, there might be a chance for our DnD adventurers to cross paths with a fierce Spectator in the future.
That left me with an option to try to find one online and order it, or sculpt one.
I chose the latter.

 According to DnD lore, spectators are cousins of beholders, and where beholders are chaotic evil, spectators are neutral, and pack a little less punch.
 They should be green, but I had this urge to try out paler blues, so I took some liberties :)

I also opted out from the normal monster sharp fangs, and went with more herbivore type of tooth. They look a bit more human, bringing slightly more disturbing overall look.
The slime is water gel.
I also needed one bookshelf. It ended up too big, but works in fantasy environment.
I was slightly drunk when gluing the doors, so I had to compensate the crack with a skeletal hand :)
I prollu do hinges from greenstuff before painting, I don't know.

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