maanantai 23. tammikuuta 2017

I really should start painting, but 2 sculpts more..

 I felt I could make a whole posse to Pulp Alley, so I went for it.
I had international adventurer, captain Stillwater and Lluana, amazon shaman from jungle planet Zyxx.
And now Brother Malleus from Vatican's most secret order of Cestus Dei joins the team. Accompanying the brother with his mission of holy vengeance is a resurrected parishioner, Bob.

 Together these 2 will join Stillwater's team to combat the minions of evil and sometimes just generally suspicious persons. And Nazis.
 Again, I had no idea what the sculpt would be with the warrior priest, but I have always liked them and witch hunters in Warhammer lore. So he started to take the form pretty early.
Zombie was more of a conscious sculpt as I went with deliberately hunched pose and crooked legs.
I first thought that zombie would be a natural enemy to a holy man, but what if it is a resurrected servant (as opposed to necromantically risen corpse)? :)

I'm thinking of doing a (alien) animal companion for Lluana next.

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