torstai 19. tammikuuta 2017

Three new sculpts

 I have again gotten a small drive to sculpt, so here are the fruits of last couple of week .
There is also a pretty clear path of advancement noticeable.

 I thought to divert from the easy path of non-human sculpts, and went for something real.
First off, U.S WW2 grenade tossing soldier.
I thought to either add or sculpt a helmet, but in the end went for bare head, rifle is Warlord Games' as theirs are far superior to what I could have accomplished.
 The front hand needs a slight touch, and the pose is slightly awkward as with all of these, but in the midst of all other 28mm yankees I have, none will notice.
I'm not really happy with this one, but was a good practice.
 Next up, shaman of the Amazons. After trying to do historical uniform, I went for another "hard" thing; female body.
In the end she became maybe slightly too muscular, but looks pretty good.
 I'm not sure about the ears, I need to basepaint to see if they are really so big, or if it is just the greenstuff looking like it. They are luckily easily replaced.
With this pose I managed to get a sense of movement for the first time.
EDIT: The ears are too big, they are now officially off.
 I'm pretty happy with the base as well, I was aiming for lost jungle temple type approach.
 Lastly, Captain Stillwater.
I bought finally Pulp Alley rules, and kind of realized I did not have any pulp figures, so I made one.
I'm not sure about the left arm, but it is pretty okish. Nothing spectacular, but captain here somehow became the most solid figure of this bunch.
 Also, if you disregard the left arm, he has some kind of pose. Hopefully the beard looks good when painted.
EDIT: I need to look into my photo light, these look really bad with reflections, the surface is a lot smoother in RL.
 And, making these one after another helped really with my technique and getting to know the clay.

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