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First test figures of 3mm celts

 I have for some reason always wanted to try smaller scale miniatures.
To accomodate this, I went with 3mm celts from Magister Militum.
The ultimate plan is to make a travel ready wargame set to play Hail Caesar, DBM or KoW. For that I need some romans too.

 I have enough miniatures for a small army, chariots, horses, archers and infantry.
 Obviously there are not many poses in this scale, but I think the mixed colours in this army will produce a nice effect.
 Infantry comes in 8 man wide strips, each strip is 2cm wide.
One thing I hate when looking small miniatures is when they are based too thick bases. It makes them look like they are standing on a cliff.
The figures have too thick base, I need to find something to file them lower. I did that with a hand file for 3 infantry bases, but that is going to take too much time.
 Here are the first test painted models. These look pretty bad when unpainted, but not at all too shabby when finished.

I'm not really sure if I am spending too much time with the details, but in the other hand, I'm in no hurry.
Here is one 28mm mini to give the sense of scale.
I'm thinking of basing 5 strips into 2x2cm magnetic base. That way I can use them to some extent in various basing schemes, either as alone or two side by side as 4x2cm front.

Although if someone has any suggestions of how to make as portable basing scheme as possible, I'm all ears?

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