tiistai 21. marraskuuta 2017

Guildball Farmers Guild all painted up

After a very long pause in any miniature gaming, I got interested in Guild ball due to escalation league arranged in our gaming club.

 I actually painted up Masons Guild first, but got interested in Farmers after that and got them too.
 I decided to go with NMM all the way as I had painted Masons already, so there i no hurry. It still needs some practise, but it is passable tabletop quality now, so practising with real figures doesn't go to waste.
 In addition to the Farmer's box, I ordered Tresher as halloween special zombie.
It really cannot be seen in these pictures, but Tamiya X-25 blood (mixed with a tad of black) is still the best paint to portrait blood.

 Next in line is Union's Grace (WIP)who can play for farmers as well.
Metal armor is pretty prevalent here, and I'm not really sure if I got it right. Dunno if I have the energy to actually repaint it though.
..and one terrain piece + base for next player (Benediction)
Here is also the bunch that started it all, Masons!

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