tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

Dark Elf core "nearing completion"

2 cowboys are feeling a bit neglected in the midst of all this..
My plan is to get at least the whole core painted until next sunday's tournament, I need 20 models anymore.
After initial experiments, I can now manage about 8 / evening, so it is doable + if I burn some midnight oil, I can get the hydra and chariot painted as well.

For some really "good" reason, I took both the hydra and chariot apart with a meaning to clean them up and repaint, it took me a whole evening (and a new brand of epoxy glue) to get them back together..

The wizard has been doing sidejob in Blood Bowl
The bulk of my army has been bought used, so some other units are painted too, I just have been stupid enough to remove paint from some, but not painting them back.
I gotta admit, that I was somewhat overwhelmed at first, but I start to realize that in WHFB armies the unit/army looks matter more than individual models. That means adjusting towards stronger tones + more blacklining and highlighting. It'll definately be a learning process.

After this is over, I probably got to start playing the game as well, so all this effort does not go to waste :)

Argh, while taking these pictures, I realized that I have the shields still to paint...

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