torstai 8. elokuuta 2013

In her Majestys Name battle report

Our "In Her Majestys Name" campaign started with a clash of my wild west posse against Hassan and his strange bunch.
The rules are fun and fast, we got 2 games played within 4 hours even with all the rule reading and all. I can recommend them to casual gamers who want to have some fun and play that one group that has not existed in any other game.

As for my posse, Wild West Show seems to rely on it's speed and medicore firepower, the old hunter is really good with his rifle though. I think I'll remove some of the horses and get more boots on the ground for those points in future.. If i get to around painting them..

Big thanks to Mikko for setting up the games, they were really balanced and entertaining.

Following battle report of the first game has really no enemy movements or tactics, its more or less a narrative of my posse's actions.

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