keskiviikko 7. elokuuta 2013

Wild west posse 80% done

Today is the first game in our Club's IHMN campaign, and Ive been painting 250pts Wild West Show posse for it.

I'm too slow painter for deadlines, but I managed to get all but one character painted, and only 2 lack bases.
In the end I started using Liberton furniture varnish for shading to speed up the process. It gives good results for brownish colours.
I did not give up NMM, as I need to practise, and there wasn't too much metal in these guys anyways.

The bases are bit meh, but will have to do for now.

I did not have enough time to try out well enough Founry's expert flesh paint system that I just got. That test has to come at later stage, but it seems nice.

Next up are dark elves, and rest of the posse.

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