sunnuntai 5. tammikuuta 2014

Finished with the Cthulhu alienist

..and here he is. I struggled with the face a bit, I had to make it smaller 3 times before it was even close. To get the scale right is really hard with hands and head. I recon I need to have some reference bodyparts for future to be near when doing this.

 The pistol is stolen from U.S officer, in the end it fitted so well, that I opted against recreating the hand.
I made his jacket collar raised, and added a small scarf to his neck, looks both mean and stylish :)
 Base is also from Beesputty, it responds well to filing and carving even after it has been hardened, so it was easy to do the effects of erosion.
 Last things to do are to fix and make the amulet/pocketwatch smaller and to fix the errors at nose and right side of his mouth that I only now noticed from these photos.
Damn it has been fun, now I just need to paint this up, and figure out the next project.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Aika makeen näkönen! Kengät näyttää omaan silmään ehkä vähän isoilta, mutta muuten kyllä tosi hyvää jälkeä

  2. Kiitos, joo, viilailin ne normaalimman näkösiksi kun tajusin kanssa että olivan hiukka hermeettiset noi kengät.