tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014

Spartan Scenics buildings pt. 2

 I built and painted 2 of the buildings.
It took a bit longer, as I wanted to figure out a efficient painting scheme as there are maaany more to do.

 The buildings are big, even the corridor holds 3 figures side by side.
I painted them with army painter spray paints, then just a touch of highlight (only apparent on the corridor), few details and after that, furniture varnish.
After that dries, a bit of rust with wallejo smoke and bestial brown.
I thought that they are best painted, then assembled, but assembly should come first.
The modularity is amazing, the pieces can be arranged any way you want.
 Roofs come off, exposing the insides.
Starter set includes also 3 rows of translucent monitors, I just painted the sides of the monitors.
 I have not yet painted the optional doors, they can provide a little privacy for your soldiers.
Remember to make "zzzzuuuhhhh" -sounds when operating the doors, and exposing your little soldiers to xenomorphs that await in the other side!
One thing that could be added are electrical wiring, maybe running near the roof at the walls.
The other way to cover the doorways is to make them walls.

I am thinking that with the buildings done, I could run a demo game day of Two Hour Wargame's 5150 rules in our club later this year. I actually have a scenario starting to form in my head :)

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  1. Hmm, would this be my scifi terrain also? Looks pretty awesome when painted and at least at pictures it seems very well suited to gaming: enough space but still some covers. And if I recall right from last post it weights quite a bit? So it stands still during heated battle.

  2. The material is HDF (not MDF like I mentioned), so it seems to be wood pulp pressed really tight together. Assembled pieces have nice weight to them, probably little more than plastic.
    The different pieces are "locked" to each other with small pieces (or the door pieces), the indentation is apparent in the pictures where the corridor ends. So they will not separate during normal gaming either.

  3. HDF is simply MDF with finer particle size and more glue in the mix. This makes it slightly tougher and more able to hold fine details.