torstai 18. joulukuuta 2014

Spectre miniatures kickstarter unboxing

Part of my pledge arrived from Spectre Miniatures packed in neat small boxes.

I had already forgotten about this, so it was a nice suprise.

The figures are packed really pro style, it feels more like getting sculptures from an art gallery than measly miniatures.

And here they are, the shipment said that more should be coming. Nice, as I have no recollection of what I should get.

Now for some closeups. As you can see, the sculpts are good, and weapon barrels are realistically scaled (for good and bad).

I included some chindits from warlord as a size reference, they are the basecoated ones.

Oh yea, my blood bowl medic..

I really like these poses

General-president Mongo Mogo and war minister.

Bren guns now and then.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Nice mini's you've got! I like those "over the fence" shooters, you see that a lot on news footage ;-) Accuracy guaranteed! What theme or for what game you think these will go?

  2. I have no idea yet where they will see action, probably Force on Force. Spectre are coming up with their own rules as well, but FoF might yield more opponents.
    Theme should be something African as they are all black.
    But... I need to paint all my chindits first :)