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Avatars of war - Vestals of nemesis unboxing pt. 1

I got my 2 boxes of 30 Vestals of Nemesis from AoW delivered 2 days ago.
Why 2 you might ask? Well, if one preorders half naked toy soldiers while under the influence of alcohol, one might not remember it, and preorder some more few weeks after.. :) Although, with AoW prices compared to GW, it is not that bad. GW witch elves are a joke, not the models, but the pricing.

 The boxes are "DVD boxes", plastic and resealable. Miniatures are delivered in parts in plastic bags, so there is no cutting them from sprues which is nice!
 The instructions are minimal, as there are no pre defined parts that go together. This means infinite possibilities vith varying poses and parts. All torsos are with one leg. Head, arms and one leg will be glued on.

One importand notiec about gluing. The instructions falsely state that plastic glue is ok. It is not. This plastic will not "melt" as regular plastic when glued. So the only option is to use super glue. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.
 There is some cleaning up to do, not much.
 I have seen a bit crispier details, but I don't think this is bad either.

The poses that one can achieve are cool and dynamic, each of the parts seem to fit nicely and naturally together.

 There are some "extra" parts that need to be removed.
This is the first time I've seen this innovation. Magnet holder under the base :) Nice little detail.

I'm gonna continue this after I have put few of the models together and basecoated them.

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