lauantai 20. kesäkuuta 2015

Hoplites are getting done

 I suprised myself with how fast I actually paint when I try.
I have been pumping these in around 8 figures/evening which is a record speed for me.

 The big thing was to leave all details unpainted, and trust the quickshade to do its job. I have been doing one highlight at most, not even that in many places.
Also, I have been consciously avoiding the use of magnifying glass -lamp I have. The more I see the details, the more I spend time painting them, so its just cheapo brush and bad eyesight that keep the speed up!
 I tried and buried the idea of using more airbrush. I did the tunic colours with it, but for the rest the fastest way was with size 6 filbert brush.
I thought to put a little more time to the shields so there is something that breaks the monotony.
I also sped a little more time with the plumes on the helmets, I feel they liven up the crew as well.
 These dudes are still waiting for the quickshade to settle. Then they will get theis shiny shields and go to the "waiting for antishine" -pile.

 The shields have been a blast. I really like the greek decals, and took some liberties when painting them.

I also did a bit of battle damage to some of then. I think it worked out pretty nicely, although the best order would be after the decals to get them "damaged" as well.

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