sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Yeh, like I needed something more to paint..

 Thank you Samuli from engineered gaming for ruining my summer :)

 When Samuli was selling these at our HAil Caesar FB group, it became immediately apparent to me that I have missed one period of warfare completely in my toy soldier collection.
I handily forgot, that I had indeed bypassed that period on purpose..
So, I again sacrificed money at the altar of tin and plastic, and acquired over 200 ancient Greeks. Luckily about 40 of them were already painted and based, so I´ll save some time.
Most of the figures were plastic, but there were also metal sling throwers and some cavalry.
 I assembled first batch of unarmored hoplites, spending 1 evening doing so. I have now employed my son to help in the process to speed stuff up.
My plan is to basecoat them skeleton bone, airbrush few different tunic combinations, try to airbrush skin to arms and feet, and think about helmets later. I´m kind of leaning towards of masking the face and airbrushing them as well.
 I will also spend my year old Armypainter Quickshade, so not too many (if any) painted highlights.
Shields I left unglued to help painting them, they are still attached in the sprue for easy handling.
Speaking of shields, I got cool transfers for them. These are for hoplites, my Spartans have their own markings.

I´m now spending more time than ever to just plan of how to paint these as fast as possible so I´m not left with yet another unpainted pile of plastic.

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