sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2015

The "Missisippi Queen" is now afloat, unique modelling tip and next project

I got the notorious Watt gang to pose for me during the chastising of "Missisippi Queen" or "African Queen" depending where it will sail :)

In the end I went for simple colour scheme, white and green. The planks I did not paint at all, just brown furniture varnish. I think it went well, the floor looks pretty good.
 If there is a problem with this model, it is the upper deck supports. They are way too flimsy and break too easily at least if one tries to make the roof detachable. So I ended up modifying them a bit.
The white parts were painted white, then transparent furniture varnish with a touch of brown for weathering. Lastly bits of vallejo smoke for rust.
 The paddles
 There is nicely room to actually play in the boat.
I might add curtains some day.
 From these photos I noticed few spots I need to go back with white paint..
 Now the modelling tip. It is scent! I went through the bottom of the upper deck with tar. Yes, just regular tar. It makes the whole thing smell really good like old boats do when their wooden parts are tarred :).
 The next project is scratchbuilding and uses legs from this crab I bought for shits and giggles 5 years ago from a flea market.
I took them off and pinned and glued then to a slightly different position and discarded the body.
This is the second nearly finished part of that project.
This has been discussed with Antti, so he might know what this'll be, but I guess for others it might not be clear :D

6 kommenttia:

  1. The Boat is great, and using real tar, clever idea! About the bust, I'd say some sort of demon..?

  2. Your next project is either CSM Defiler or Soulgrinder! What do I win?

  3. ...aaand Teemu wins :)
    As a price your pointy eared eldars get a nice blast from it's phelgm cannon once it is complete!

  4. To be precise, Defiler is demonic engine, so I have right to clain rightness. But do I see tits on the Defiler?!

  5. Well, yea, defiler is demonic and soulgrinder is a demon, so you both were right, with Teemu maybe a bit more specific.
    I thought to end the GW :s chauvinistic male dominance in demonic war engine market, and fielding some "girl power" in 40k battlefield.
    Although as a demon, it might have bits from both sexes, so that phlegm cannon could be someplace that leaves the hands free.. (not really sure yet if I want to go there) :P
    I just sculpted the head, and for sure, it will not be a swimsuit model up there either despite my best efforts.. :)

  6. That was fast! The ship looks great, although I would paint the roof a different colour for some contrast. I would go with either green or grey. A few red&white life rings would also look great. I await your defiler with a mixture of exitement and revulsion :)