keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Next up Gnoll. And a tip about antishine.

 Next monster painted is a Gnoll from Reaper.

 Fun model to paint. I tried to keep the palette balanced.
 I also tried 3 variations of NMM painting.
First up the shoulder pad. It was the traditional blending I've used before, result was as expected: I'm getting there.
Second was the axe. For it I used J WAppel's shaded basecoat, and wet on wet blending, followed by careful "wash" with constantly mixing and blending washes. Super fast with decent results. I have to keep on practising this more.
I especially liked the feeling of "artistic" painting with bigger, more feeling based strokes.
  Third up, wrist guard and shield. With them I did drybrush highlights + blend the seams. Result was somewhat fast, but a bit disappointing. Maybe it was the light/dark balance, but not good.
 ..and the base is *gasp* cork + putty..

Ohe yea! The tip I promised!
It is Liquitex antishine spray. It is available from Clas Ohlsson at least, and it is s u p e r i o r to Army painter antishine. With it there is no worries of graying out colours regardless how much you spray it. Never going to look back anymore. Both monsters have clearcoat varnish, folowed by liquitex and the colours stay real.
Despite the challenge I have with finding time these days, I have managed to get 4 contractors to "waiting for details" -stage.

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