keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2014

Chaos spawn pt2

After about 4 evenings of sculpting, the spawn is ready for painting.

There's a lot of stuff I have learned from this, mainly that beesputty is prone to cracking if used in thin places like ankles. Greenstuff is a lot better there as it bends and can take more punishment.

 In the pictures, the white stuff that is splattered around the spawn's body is mr. Surfacer liquid putty. It softens some transitions and surface irregularities.
The "sword" hand is made from plasticard, I tried putties, but plasticard is superior for this kind of parts.
 The head was done in a haste, and is a bit "ordinary", but I rather start painting this than redo it as it is not that bad.
I'm pretty proud of the upper back muscles, they came out better than I imagined.
Oh yeah, I had to bend the tail down to earth, and make the wire inside it a third anchor to the base. 2 small legs were not enough to make the miniature steady.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Indeed muscles look good. Spinal column is also well done. Cloven hoofs could be a little bit larger but it is a demon after all so it probably doesn't get stuck to mud with tiny hoofs after all.

  2. Thanks! Now that you mentioned the hooves, they start to look a bit smallish...
    At this point the spawn is already basecoated, so I think I'll keep them as is, otherwise I don't get it done :)