sunnuntai 1. kesäkuuta 2014

Sculpting a chaos spawn

 After a very long break, mainly due to lack of intrest, I bought 7th edition 40k rulebook and new CSM codex, and thought to dig up my old Chaos space marines.
It now seems that I need daemons for my malefic daemonology spells and various other uses:)

 As I only have 2 daemon prices, I thought I'd give a shot of sculpting a chaos spawn.
I really had no plan or idea whatsoever, I just started to slap putty on a wire armature and work onward from there.
As far as demons go, its pretty easy as human physiology does not matter. So, I will not make sure that the muscle structure is correct, but instead try to go for extreme and have fun.
These pictures are after the first evening, and I'm happy with the results. Next up is the detailing of muscles and trying to figure out what to do with the tail (if I leave it on alltogether..).
After that, its the head and the "hands". I'll also sculpt this to have anatomically correct male parts, as normal miniature vendors will not :)
By accident the pose seems to evolve to pretty dynamic. I hope the rest of the figure will complement that.

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