keskiviikko 12. marraskuuta 2014

Farmhouse step 2

I've been mostly painting demons for my chaos space marine army. The house is getting along however every now and then when I feel I need to get a break from painting.

The wooden parts are shiny due to the furniture varnish. That'll be fixed in the end with antishine.
I'm not sure how to paint the roof. I think dried grass would have been better than this, but this was faster.

 I think the paper stones underneath the plaster are great. The plaster by the way is from matt medium (warps the cardboard less than PVA), glass balloons and white paint. Glass balloons are a bit grey, so the finish was more grey. That was good as it gave a nice base for white drybrush.
2nd storey exposed wood is just greenstuff baked on top of the cardboard.

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