keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2014

Last of the pirates for now

Here is the last batch of pirates. Finally some titties!

 I'm getting somewhat tired of painting these, so I'll take a 1-2 weeks break at least, and paint something completely different.
The diminishin intrest shows in the painting, I'm not finishing stuff up as good as I should, so R&R is in place before continuing.
 I tried something different with some of the bases. Here's a bucket of tar (with tar being added after antishine).
 Obsurge knotwork!
 This guy had his peg leg blown off!
I did not figure out where I could get easy wooden grating, so I falled back to metal. This was made from rubber anti slip mat. I secretly cut off a piece from under our kitchen's mat, I'm hoping my wife does not notice..

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