perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2013

Home made Static Grass Applicator

After reading about Static Grass Applicators, I decided it was a time I try making my own. As a discalimer, I have never worked with electricity before, besides changing lightbulbs.
So, I bought McEnroe electric flyswatter for 6.50 euros, and opened the screws at the handle. 
The insides consists of some sort of thingie from which 2 wires come out. These wires lead to the swatting part of the swatter. 
I broke the swatting pad apart carefully, trying to preserve the wires as good as I could. I took a short piece of rubber covered wire that ended in clamp, and attached it to the other wire. I then made a basket from metal spike and metal net I had laying around, taped it to the handle, and attached the other wire to that construction.
To my suprise, the thing actually works! 
McGyver couldn't have done better!

Using the thing.
You have to apply glue to the part of the base you want the grass to stick to. Normally, I use PVA glue as it is quite sticky and fluid enough when mixed with a small amount of water.
Then put some static grass to the metal basket of the applicator, and take the free hanging wire, and electrify the general area of the PVA glue spot.  I have clamped on a metal spike to make it easier to target the glue.
While keeping the electricity on, gently shake the static grass through the metal net to the glue, while keeping 1-2cm distance between the metal net and the clamp/spike -part. If the distance is longer, the static electricity is not enough to raise the grass, if it is shorter, the clamp and net will touch, resulting in sparks. 
The static electricity will keep the grass upright while it is falling to the glue, so the end result is neater than without the applicator, it also helps to shake the grass through the strainer.
It is not very powerful as it is powered with 2xAA batteries, but it'll get the job done, and it was a fun project to build :)

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