perjantai 22. helmikuuta 2013

More river pieces

More river pieces are getting done. With these, I  changed the process a little to fix the issues with the previous pieces, and to try out something new.

With this batch I did not sandpaper the whole piece, only the places where the dirt would go, so the scratches would not show after the water effects have been poured.
I also changed the coastline and made it more random, and pulled it further from the edge with a flat brush. This will hopefully add to the illusion of depth once painted. I stuck few bushes from glycol soaked lichen. These will get a pva soaking + color wash and some leaves.

This piece has gesso strands, I wanna see how they look when finished.
I applied the waves with a brush this time, making them flatter and more blended in. The turquoise paint was also a bit thinner, and I took care to blend it in with black wash.

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