tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

Terrain for terrain's sake

I for some reason thought I'd need terrain at home even though I do my gaming in our club.
Because of this, and the reason that I'm bored in painting, I started making a few test pieces.

hedges and a berry bush in making
First came couple of hedges. These were made by gluing rocks and glycol soaked lichen to a wooden base. I have a bag full of lichen as I collected it last summer. I've used it mostly dried as scatter, but haven't yet found any use for the glycol softened version.
After gluing, I soaked both pieces with watered down PVA, let dry and repeat. This is time consuming as it takes a long time for watered down PVA to dry. The delay is of course mitigated by starting another project to work on in between, im my case a swamp.

I cut 1.5mm polystyrene to the shape and applied a little sandpaper to prepare the surface to stick to paint and glue better.
Dry swamp with wet grass
I then based the thing with black gesso. Then I made a slush with sand, PVA glue, water and brown+black paint. I then applied it to make little islands and the edges for the piece.
After it had dried some, I painted little 3d effects for the water parts with thinned down green paint, and faded that down with black paint for the deepest parts.
Before the islands had dried fully, I impatiently glued the grass and flock and put the swamp away to dry.

I'll post an update when the pieces are dry and ready for processing.

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