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Wargames Foundry Troll Champion

I got my Troll Champion from Wargames Foundry yesterday. I don't know if this dude is going to see any gaming action, but the model was so funny looking so I just had to get it. Especially the face and thin body proportions are tongue-in-cheek sculpted and have personality.

Troll pieces and a complementary (how nice is that!) orc from Foundry

 The troll comes in seven pieces and requires filing, sanding, pinning and filling. Flashing and warping were minimal but there were some mold lines in pretty hard to reach places, so it should be prepped before pinning the parts in place.

Luckily, I just bought 2way epoxy glue which proved to be a lot better in assembling metal figures than superglue, so pinning was not as frustrating as it has been for me in previous occasions.
Self made Uber technical glue drying station
During the assembly I changed the posture of the troll a little more upright, as it was bit too hunched to my taste. This meant that chest/belly joint is not aligned anymore, and requires some greenstuffing to blend in, doesn't seem to be anything major.
I really like the scale, it is definitely a large beast, but not a giant large. There's a half finished dark elf blitzer in couple of the shots to give some idea of proportions.
Tree trunks for weapons, Yarrrrr!
I really have to finish my Blood Bowl team first as our league has already started, but right after that I'll start to work on this guy. I'm itching to try out James Wappel's shaded basecoat method, and this is just the right figure for that.

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