torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Mossy swamp trees and first pieces of river

Tree on the right is waiting for sepia wash
I thought the swamp needed more stuff happening in it, so I created couple of detachable trees to grow in it. The trunks are Woodland scenics, they were first painted black with gesso, and attached with magnets to the base. I then attached some  acrylic wool to brances with PVA glue, its from hobby shop, the same stuff that Flames of War bag of flames is made of. When that was dry, I pruned it with hobby knife, tearing it to keep it from looking too uniform, and painted it mutation green. I originally planned on stopping here, but the green looked too clean, so I applied Vallejo sepia wash as a last step, making it look dirty and clumpy.

The three river pieces are now finished, they turned out pretty ok, but with next pieces I have to be more careful with the turqoise - black transition. Also, my sandpaper is too coarse, it leaves noticeable scratches to the surface even after painting and water effects. 1.5mm polystyrene sheet is solid, but for gaming purposes these have to be attached to each other with tape to keep them from moving. I have also kind of grown fond of the hedges. I did not originally like them, but next to other terrain they seem to blend in better. I will make few more with different footprint and darker branches.

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